Angdamashiya bahiyoh prathama paridhapiyo Kanchuki pashchiyat | 
Granthitrayamkarotik sakhiytisukram Madhavo mokai || 190 ||


Activities for children and youth

(1)    Shree Vallabh Dharma Sanskar Shibir:-

Dharma Sanskar – Cultural shibir of two to five days is arranged with a view to acquaint the supernatural principles and divine life as preached and propagated by Shree Mahaprabhuji in true sense to children and youth experts in various fields impart education to children in accordance with their age groups in shibir

(2)    Planning of Shree Vallabh Education Competition, Essay competition to sing devotional songs in praise of God- that is ‘Kirtan’

Every year these competition are arranged at Branch level, xonal level and state level and it is divided among four age groups Vrijdham Adhyatmic centre, Vadodara works as host, every year in the final competitions at state level. These competitions are arranged for the last eighteen years and thousands of competitions have become ‘Vallabhiya Vaishbavs’

(3) The day for the poor, the weak and the oppressed

+    Distribution of biscuits, frits in various hospitals of Vadodara in the later fortnight of Bhadrapad month, every year.

+    Distribution of pulses (channa), flour and Moras ghee through branches to poor vaishnavs on the day of festival of Diwali.

+     Distribution of sweets through Reverend Divine Teachers among poor persons on the day of Diwali.

(4) Propaganda of stickers

Distribution of lakhs of stickers like

         1.   ‘Prem se Bolo Jayshree Krishna”

         2.   ‘Shree Krishnaha Sharrnam Mam”

         3.   Krishna Seva Sada Karya

Its aim is continuous recitation and to come in wide contact with Vaishnavs in particular.

Activities Under taken by Antarrashtiriya Pushtimargiya Parishad

1.                    Service to mankind- Embodied Beings: Parishd has undertaken rendering of services of mankind and embodied beings during the devastating situation of natural calamities like Flood, Cyclone, Famine and Earthquake that took place in areas of Gujarat and Saurashtra and Maharashtra. Arrangements of distribution of food rains, cloths, house-hold articles, planning of cattle camps, arrangements of grass for cows, charity to Gaushalas, distribution of readymade food etc. were undertaken.

2.                    Centralised Institutions: Economic contribution was made for Gaushala of Jatipura, Adwasi children school of Jambva. Parihad has actively contributed in the activities of building of Shree Vallabh Balmandir, Bllkha, Shree Vallabhacharya Vedamandir, Thangadh vaishnav Satsang Hall, Kevadia Colony and Krishnashray Mahila Udyog Bhavan, Ahmedabad.

3.                    Activities of Solidhrity: Regular planning of four meetings in a year of state level planning ‘Adhiveshans’ at district level for making Vaishnavs Vigilant. ‘Adhiveshans’ of Baroda, Nadiad and Disa are note worthy.The outstanding tradition is regular audit of account, every year and present it before the meeting for approval.

4.                    Planning tours with a view to attain good company and solidarity/ unity: We remain in live contact with Vaishnav with the help of ‘Bhaktivardhini’ vehicle and we plan tours to attain good company by making arrangements of lectures of learned divinepreceptors and venerable learned shashtries.Splendid result have been achieved with the help of tours of propaganda by making Vaishnavs Vigiiant.

5.                    Welcome board of Parishad at the entrance gate of village-city: “Antar Rashtriya Pushtimargiya Parishad gladly welcomes you” this signboard is kept at the entrance gate of every village-city to welcome visitors.

6.                    Presentations before authorities to meet the challenges against Vaishnavs: To check the pollution of the water if the river Yamuna to make arrangements of water, dispensary, light along the circular tour of vrija, to grant the facility of train up to Mathura, to raise objections against the humiliating dialogues against Shree Thakorji in the serial of “Sas Bhi Kabhi Vahu Thi” of Balaji Telefilm, etc.


Mahila Section


“Krishnashraya Mahila Udyog Bhavan” Maninagar-Ahmedabad.

Mahila Udyog Bhavan works in its own independent building to avail women of opportunities of earning and to fulfill supremely the feeling dignity honour to women.

  • To prepare garments, ornaments and dresses vagas of Variegated kinds for Shree Thakorji.
  • To make arrangements of tours of ‘Shri Bethakjis’.
  • To make arrangements for rendering services to Shree Thakorji when people are unable to render services to their Thakorji during days of sickness, untouchability due to death of their near and dear persons.
  • Publication of books and book containing ‘Dholas and Padas’ of Pushtimargiya sect.
  • To prepare garlands, upper garments and necklaces of Tulsi ‘Beads’
  • Successful planning of ‘Boy and Girls- intending to marry’.
  • Distribution of sewing machines to start business independently.
  • Arrangements of pushtimargiya education, knitting, embroidery, painting.
  • Services to ‘Daridra Narayana- Poor’ by rendering honorary services of doctors.
  • Production and sale of house hold article like Papad, Spices, Masala.

Contact:- Prof. Vinaben Sheth, Phone No. 65218079, (m) 9879026275

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